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Safety Guide

Instructions for using Halloween Contact Lenses


Before using contact lenses:

  • Do not use contact lenses with an expired date or from damaged original packaging. The date of expiry date can be found on the back of the individual contact lens packs.
  • Never wear contact lenses when sleeping.
  • Replace your contact lenses regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • If you have contact lenses with different strengths, please make sure you do not mix them.


Special Instructions

  • If you have problems with your contact lenses, please contact your eye specialist.
  • No cosmetics (e.g., hair and skin care products) may be applied to the eye or the contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses are mechanically sensitive.
  • Never wear damaged contact lenses.
  • Do not allow the contact lenses to dry out or put them in dry condition.
  • Contact lenses can slip while rubbing the eyes.
  • Always use own contact lenses, never replace with contact lenses from other people.
  • Keep glasses as a replacement for the contact lenses.
  • We recommend that you check your contact lenses on a regularly basis.
  • Never wash-up your contact lenses with tap water.
  • Colored or motive lenses must not be worn when driving – they may restrict your vision


Placing the contact lens (on the right eye)

  1. Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap before touching your contact lenses.
  2. Please open the packaging of the contact lenses as required.
  3. The contact lenses lie in a liquid. Pour the contents into your hands. The liquid must drain so that you only hold the contact lens in your hand.
  • Special note for soft contact lenses: the edge of the contact lens must point straight upwards. If the curvature is slightly outward, the contact lens must be inverted.
  • The contact lenses must be covered with liquid. Therefore, rinse your contact lens with your contact lens solution before applying it.
  • To place the contact lenses, place the contact lens on the tip of your right index finger.
  • With the middle finger of the same hand pull the lower part down. Use the other hand (index finger) to lift the upper eyelid upward.
  • Release your eyelids carefully, keeping your eye open.
  • If you feel that the contact lens fits well, close the eye and open it again.
  • Insert the contact lens for the left eye in the same way.


 Use after contact lenses:

  • If you have a burning sensation in the eye: Remove the contact lenses and clean them again.
  • If you see blurred: Please remove your contact lens. After repositioning the contact lens, please reinsert it.
  • If you have a scratching sensation: please remove the contact lenses and check the lens again for contamination and / or damage.


Removing of soft contact lenses (on the right eye)

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
  2. Tilt your head slightly downwards, looking slightly upwards. With the middle finger of the left hand, slightly lower the lower eyelid.
  3. Use the index finger on the right hand to move the contact lens down into the lower half of the eye.
  4. Carefully fold the contact lens with the thumb and index finger and remove it from the eye.
  5. Always place the contact lens in the thoroughly cleaned chambers of the storage container.
  6. Remove the contact lens for the left eye in the same way.


Contact lens care and storage

  • For the maintenance and storage of the contact lenses, please only observe the instructions given by the manufacturer of your care system.
  • We recommend a systematic and safe care as well as hygienic storage of the contact lenses.


Interaction with other media

  • Only use care systems recommended by your optician with whom your lenses are compatible. Thus, you can avoid unwanted interactions of the contact lenses with care products.
  • Drugs can cause a change in the tear film and thus affect the compatibility of the contact lenses.
  • Tell your doctor or health care professional what medicines you are using.
  • If you use eye drops, follow the instructions in the package leaflet.


Important Note

  • The above rules and merits are only for your optimization. In any case, you can not replace your contact lenses with a eye specialist, optician or ophthalmologist.
  • Ask yourself the following questions before / while wearing contact lenses:
    • Do my eyes look healthy? - No red spots visible.
    • Do the contact lenses feel comfortable in my eyes? - No complaints.
    • Can I see well? - I see nothing blurry.
    • If the answer to one of the questions above is "no", please do not wear contact lenses, please consult your optician, ophthalmologist or eye specialist first.